God Bless Margaret Thatcher

A friend of freedom died and the American government couldn’t care less. What a sad state of affairs in Washington. One of the most, if not the most, prominent and influential female leaders of a major Western nation passes away and no senior government officials attend her funeral.

I recall when Bronco Bama was first elected he had a bust of Winston Churchill packed up and shipped back to England. That bust was a gift for America’s support of England during the second world war. Obama thumbed his nose at England and everything that friendship has meant for decades, nay centuries. England is the land of our Fathers. Obama hates it and he lets his personal views about government and politics dictate what friendships our nation will maintain.

That inspires a lot of confidence in his decision making. What a loser and chump. If Obama is going to take his ball and go home, I wish he would go all the way home and never come back.

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