ABC Hijacks Michael Sam to Slam Conservatives

Illogical Rant

I don’t even know this guy’s name, but he’s good at reading the teleprompter. Whoever wrote the trash that got put on the teleprompter needs to be fired. Its likely, since we’re talking about ABC, that it was an unpaid intern, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find another intern to replace the moron who is currently writing for ABC.

Take a minute to watch the video.

Why does this guy go off on the NFL because its predicted Sam will be drafted in the third or fourth round? The best defensive player in the SEC argument doesn’t mean you’re going to be a number one pick, it just doesn’t. There are plenty of award winners each year who get drafted late into the NFL and some have careers that last ten years and most have 3-4 year careers. Clearly the propaganda intern at ABC doesn’t know much about the draft. Jaedevon Clowney will probably be picked before Sam as a defensive end because NFL scouts think he’s a better defensive end and more likely to be successful in the NFL. Just going off of the obvious, Clowney is 6’5″ and Sam is 6’1″. That’s a major difference when you face offensive tackles that are 6’4″ to 6’8″ and have massive wingspans. The comparative length of the reach of arms between defensive ends and offensive linemen does matter to NFL scouts. If you’re only 6’1″, you better be a monster or you’ll get flicked like a booger every play just because you can’t get your hands on the offensive linemen to shed blocks. NFL scouts know this and that’s only one reason why Sam will probably get drafted later.

Another reason why Sam will get drafted later is because NFL teams *shocker* have needs at other positions that are a bigger priority. For example, there are a lot of NFL teams that are desperate for a better quarterback or offensive linemen. Even if the pick fell to them and they did think they needed or wanted a defensive end or outside linebacker like Sam, they have to take care of their weakest positions first. Let’s say Sam really is a super star defender, that still doesn’t mean you should waste an early draft pick just to get him. Teams often make the mistake of drafting a superstar college player just to get him and then he doesn’t fit in the system and then their weakest positions get worse. People were shocked when Tim Tebow was selected in the first round. His short career in the NFL is proof he was never a first rounder, and that picking a guy just because he’s an award winner and likeable doesn’t mean you’re going to win a lot of games.

The talking head makes a vague connection between racism and traditional marriage proponents. This part of his rant is harder to rationalize than his lack of understanding of the draft. He insinuates that if you are a traditional marriage person today, you were yesterday’s racist and you would not want black players to play if you could make that happen. This makes no sense. Yesterday’s racists were largely Democrats. If you actually read history, Jackie Robinson was a Republican as well as Branch Rickey, and they were both Methodists. If you don’t know who Branch Rickey is, go read a book. So go figure, yesterday’s non-racists who blasted the sports color barrier were actually Christian Republicans. I’m not even going to delve into the fact that Abraham Lincoln who signed the Emancipation Proclamation was a Republican and that votes to end slavery in Congress were opposed by Democrats and supported by Republicans. The teleprompter intern probably doesn’t know that John F. Kennedy voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1957 and Richard Nixon voted for it. He also probably doesn’t know more Republicans voted for the Civil Rights Act than Democrats. Most of today’s characterization of the GOP is largely due to demonization and constant screaming from the left that Republicans hate black people. The truth is actually more consistent with Branch Rickey’s determination to judge a man by his merits and not the color of his skin. Why are most of the players in the NFL and the NBA black? Because rich, white people are racist? And I don’t want to hear that garbage that the parties have changed, because its simply not true. The tactics are different, but it is the Democrats who think that blacks can’t get ahead in life without help, that they aren’t smart enough, capable enough, determined enough to make it on their own. Thus the Democrats create doctrines for their racism such as white privilege to brainwash people into believing that they can’t succeed simply because they are black.

Finally, the talking head says modern day traditional marriage supporters want to have it both ways, saying that they want government out of their lives, but they want government regulating what goes on in the bedroom. I don’t understand what this has to do with a gay man hoping to get drafted into the NFL. This is way out of left field. It has nothing to do with the rant. I’ll address his bizarre comment anyway. In this case, its the gays who are inviting government into the bedroom. By seeking the marriage license, it is the gays who are inviting the government in. Technically by refusing marriage, you are keeping the government out of your marriage, because it doesn’t require a license to cohabitate. In fact, the whole purpose for marriage licenses is pretty much gone since we don’t prosecute people for adultery or fornication any more.



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