It Makes a Difference Who You Elect

A recent New Hampshire poll put Romney way out in front of any potential Republican candidate for the Presidency. Imagine if we had Romney as president since 2008 (remember he ran in the primaries and was beat out by McCain), I don’t think a single one of the scandals/disasters would have taken place. Even if some of them had become problems, I don’t think the American people would doubt Romney’s ability to handle the problems in the bests interests of America.
1. Stimulus Waste
2. Obamacare
3. Benghazi (five in one, i. the failure to provide adequate security, ii. the failure to anticipate an attack on 9/11/12, iii. the failure to send people to save American lives during the attack, iv. the “it was the video” cover up story and arresting the video creator on the pretense of violating probation, v. lying about knowing the attack was a coordinated terrorist plot despite immediate knowledge that is what it was.)
4. ATF Fast and Furious, resulted in death of Border Agent Brian Terry
5. GSA million dollar Parties
6. VA junkets to Disney World, no time to see vets, but time and money to party.
7. Solyndra and other junk green companies, many of the owners/presidents of these businesses were Obama campaign donors who essentially were paid back with tax payer money.
8. IRS, the politicization of a law enforcement agency, the suppression of speech during a presidential election campaign, “not a smidgeon of corruption,” Lois Lerner takes the fifth, IRS exempt organizations director Sarah Hall Ingram made over 150 visits to the White House between 2009 and 2012, IRS director Douglass Shulman visited at least 157 times, missing emails, phantom computer crashes, missing hard drives.
9. James Rosen
10. Justice Department trolling news organizations phone records
11. Ceding Iraq to the terrorists
12. Bowe Berghdal for the Taliban 5
13. Non enforcement of immigration law

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