No Check on the Background Check

The director of the FBI, James B. Comey, revealed today that Dylann Roof was able to purchase the Glock .45 handgun he use to murder nine people in Charleston, South Carolina because his background check failed to recognize he was recently arrested for possession of a controlled substance. The examiner for the FBI tabled his check because she could not locate the correct police department to call and find out more about the arrest record. By law, if the FBI does not respond to a request within three days, the firearms dealer can go ahead with the sale.

So what now? More checks to check the checkers? Who is going to make sure the people hired to keep you safe are actually going to keep you safe? As was mentioned in the AP today, a U.S. Marshall was having sex on the roof of a Pennsylvania court house. Who can you trust? If a law enforcement official makes an honest mistake in the line of duty or intentionally abandons their post, what can you do about it? The answer is scary to gun control freaks and liberals: nothing. Human errors, human judgment, and human conscience cannot be regulated to create an environment of perfect safety. A free society only exists where people are free to choose to do good or evil.

Gun control advocates want to believe that everything can be made safe. In fact, what they really want is for all guns to be banned. They want only the police and the military to have guns (not a good idea, see e.g. Schindler’s List.) So when they get a procedure or a law put in place to make things safer and it doesn’t work, what is a good liberal to do? Freak out, of course. Here is where any hope for consistency from the left wing comes off the rails. Rather than improving the FBI’s review process for firearms purchases, calls over reactive regulations will be put in place. For example, a ridiculously lengthy waiting period. “Why should a person only have to give the FBI three days? Let’s make the background check waiting period a month. Yeah! That’s the ticket!” A seventeen year old girl can walk into an abortion clinic and scrub out and crush an unborn baby, but I have to wait a month for my second amendment right? I guarantee there will be calls to have rules on top of rules and regulations regarding the sale of firearms.

There will also be a renewed push to ban all firearms sales because liberals can’t stand not knowing what their neighbor might think and feel in the deep recesses of the mind. Liberals are not surprisingly inconsistent in this zeal to ban firearms. If they were truly concerned about safety, they would push for a ban on the consumption of alcohol, an activity which leads to more deaths than firearms many times over in a given year. They have forgotten our Founding Fathers intent with firearms and Jefferson’s oft quoted quip: “I would rather have dangerous freedom than peaceful slavery.” The renewed push for a complete ban will come because certain people can’t handle the idea that their fellow citizens might use their freedom to commit acts of evil. This is the dangerous reality of living in a free society. Freedom is dangerous. It has risks. You cannot control the Dylann Roofs of the world. Anyone standing next to you, out on the road, in the line at the super market, or in the house next door could be plotting something evil or act out on an evil impulse at any moment. They could push you down the stairs at work. They could swerve into on coming traffic. Any heavy or sharp instrument could become a weapon in an instant. This scares some people to no end, so they want to believe if firearms can be banned, this kind of evil can be prevented. It won’t. You cannot control the minds of a free people. You have to trust those around you to use their freedom to do good. You have to stop focusing on the instrument of murder and start recognizing who is the murderer.


This problem will only be solved when people come to terms with what it means to live in a free society, which is that you have a duty to use your freedom to do good and an obligation to love your neighbor. An FBI background check did not stop Dylann Roof. Who are his friends and neighbors? Who sat with him and chatted with him about the pictures on his facebook page prior to the murders? Did anyone bother to go knock on his door and find out what was going on in his mind? Where was his family? I firmly believe a caring friend or neighbor could have done more to disarm Dylann Roof than 1,000 background checks.

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