Election 2016

Trump didn’t back out this time and no one can handle it. Establishment politicians and the national newsmedia are wringing their hands because their usual tactics to sway public opinion aren’t working. They called Trump a bigot, a racist, a mysoginist and none of it is slowing him down. They highlighted one of his campaign aids touching the arm (gasp!) of an annoying reporter (as if reporters had any respect for personal space.) They can’t get Teflon Don to stop.

They’ve tried to paint this picture that he is Hitler reincarnate. It isn’t working because the American public is tired of established politicians. They are seeing that hope and change is a nice idea, but when you elect the people your party selects, you get more of the same government. People are willing to take a chance on Donald because he says the right things and he has outsider appeal. The Republican party is in default on its promises to party faithful.

Why do I like Trump? Because he makes politicians so uncomfortable. They can’t control him. He isn’t politically correct. He doesn’t need money from lobbyists or people looking to buy influence. He understands how to run a business. He understands international trade. He is a strong negotiator. It seems he has America’s best interests at heart.

Clarifications for the politically unsavvy:

1. Rolling soundbites of Trump saying he’ll make Mexico pay for the wall on the Southern border. Many people have commented that this is ridiculous, as if Donald is suggesting Mexico will just write a check. This really isn’t that complicated, but some of us don’t remember middle school history class. It is called a tariff. It operates like a tax on goods coming into the country. Anything that Mexico wants to send our way, we can impose a higher tariff. Another way to make them pay is to restrict our money from going out. No money orders to Mexico, or tax each one at $5.00 a piece. The largest source of income in Mexico is money sent from the United States. We’ll get that wall paid for.

2. Donald Trump said he hates Muslims and doesn’t want anymore to come to the United States ever. He never said this. What he did say was let’s put a moratorium on admitting people from Islamic nations, especially ones with terrorist funding and harboring habits, until we can come up with a better way of verifying their background. After Brussels, I think many people would agree with this logic.

3. Trump saying we should punish women who have an abortion. Go back and watch the interview witih Chris Matthews. I apologize for asking you to do this because Chris Mattthews is a hack. And don’t watch an edited video, watch the entire interview.

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