Emails are Forever, Hillary

So the New York Times published the story regarding the Inspector General’s report about Hillary’s violation of State Department rules regarding emails. They did drag Colin Powell into the mix by saying he did the same thing, but they don’t detail what specifically he did other than use personal email accounts for State Department business. They don’t say that he did the same thing that Hillary did, which is fail to turn over information to State during or at the end of her tenure. They don’t say that Colin failed to disclose emails to a Congressional Committee.

The Hillary campaign response is priceless. Essentially they say, “Well, everyone new Hillary was using her personal email. And besides, nothing bad actually happened. The server wasn’t breached or anything.” Guccifer, the infamous hacker, claims he did and has agreed to testify on the matter. We will see what materializes there. The argument, however, from the campaign is a logical fallacy. The fact that people at State knew she was doing it doesn’t make it legal. That’s like saying the cops know I’m cooking meth in my trailer. Next, saying that nothing bad happened and that the server wasn’t breached is also a failure of logic. Well, I played on the freeway last night, which is technically against the rules, but nobody got hurt.

What to think about all this? The cover up is often worse than the original mistake. The fact that Hillary has told half truths and given incomplete discovery and slow walked responses sends the message she feels she has done something she should not have done and she’s wiping the cookie crumbs from her mouth.

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