Citing the Bible = Hate

The waitress was hurt and upset because the people she served did not care for her lifestyle/sexuality/gender/word-of-the-day. Do people not understand that when they make up less than 2% of the country’s population, some people might find your lifestyle strange/weird/undesirable/wrong? I am so tired of the shaming of disagreement branded as bigotry and hatred. Have you not stopped to the think that the person who left the Bible verse has a genuine love for you according to their world view?  Maybe this Christian lady isn’t getting any action and assumed you were and that bothered her. Put yourself on the church pew and look at it from their perspective. The only way to a happy after life is through a certain set of standards, which you apparently don’t meet because you are a lesbian. Wouldn’t you reach out and tell the person to change? And I’m so sick of this, “Oh, I’m born this way, I can’t change, how dare you tell me to change what I am, I can’t change who I am.” The world tells people to change who they are all the time. Some people are born with predispositions to things that we don’t like or that are undesirable, or in the case of Christianity, a stumbling block on the road to Heaven. The first amendment guarantees the right of free association to your Christian patrons. That might mean someone won’t want to tip you for any reason or no reason.

The server here misses another point: you don’t go to a restaurant to see the server (exception: Tilted Kilt or Hooters or some other place that serves mediocre food but requires service staff to wear ridiculously revealing clothing.) You go for the food. Something about the server irritated the customer, so she left a Bible verse instead of a tip. The Bible verse condemns homosexuality. Welcome to the real world, sister. Somebody doesn’t like something about you and they let you know. It hurts to know one person you saw yesterday didn’t like you. How are you going to deal with life if someone doesn’t like you tomorrow?

Next thing you know, someone is going to pass a law punishing people if it can be proven that you did not leave a tip because you thought the server was gay. Our country is so self-obsessed with being liked we think we should have the authority to compel individuals to like us in our weirdness and not have a private ability to choose where our money goes. I accept that people think my weirdness is weird and wrong and they have no qualms about telling me. I don’t need their agreement. Look at the lawyer who argued for gay marriage at the Supreme Court. When presented with an alternate view on marriage, he dismissed it as weird.  It is a dangerous road to pursue to think we should compel individuals to patronize people whom we would rather not. And don’t start with comparisons to racism.There are too many other correlative relationships to environmental factors and homosexual outcomes for this to be a serious argument.  However, you cannot choose the color of your skin. Until it is demonstrated that your genetic composition creates homosexual desire, the “race” card is off the table.

Also, why are you not approaching the restaurant industry as a whole and complaining about the poor wages for service staff? If your business paid you at least minimum instead of the service staff wage allowed in a lot of states, you wouldn’t have to worry about tips as much, right? Not to mention the fact that national chain restaurants are pocketing that money, anyway. Its not like the menu pricing is cheaper in North Carolina than in California.

Put on your big girl apron and go back to waiting tables. Some people don’t like you. That is okay. Don’t harbor resentment toward them and get on with your life.

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